Who Cares What We Think?
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Who Cares What We Think? is a review and discussion podcast. Each week, the guys will present one item to discuss and review. This item could be a movie, video game, piece of tech, movie theater candy, etc. There are no limits.

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    Incredibles 2 & E3 2018

    This week the guys discuss and review Pixar's Incredibles 2 and talk about our favorite things at E3 2018.

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    Solo & Deadpool 2

    This week the guys discuss and review Solo & Deadpool 2

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    Avengers Infinity War and God of War

    In this weeks episode, the guys have a brief discussion about Black Panther before jumping into Avengers Infinity War and closing out the show with God of War.

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    Far Cry 5

    This week the guys say YES to discussing and reviewing Far Cry 5.

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    Ready Player One

    This week we discuss and review Ready Player One.

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    Sea of Thieves Live Stream

    This week we do our first live steam with Sea of Thieves and discuss & reviews.

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    Annihilation and The Strangers 2

    This week, the guys discuss the new Natalie Portman film, Annihilation before diving into the new and terrifying sequel to The Strangers.

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    The Oscars

    In this episode, the guys break down what they think are the top 10 Best Picture winners at the Academy Awards. However, it should be noted that these idiots haven't see every single Oscar Best Picture winner so the results are not inclusive. Either way, join us and have a great time.

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